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  • 19.05.2017 02:56

    CHILLIWACK, B.C. – British Columbia’s provincial court says three dairy farm workers from the Fraser Valley have been sentenced to jail for causing distress to an animal after an undercover video showed several employees abusing milk cows. The

  • 19.05.2017 01:08

    QUEBEC – Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week during a visit to the country that will include a brief stop in the Palestinian territories. Couillard will also meet Palestinia

  • 19.05.2017 00:32

    Highlights from the news file for Thursday, May 18 ——— U.S. LAUNCHES NAFTA TALKS: The U.S. has given official indication that it wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he is putting Congress

  • 19.05.2017 00:32

    HALIFAX – Ten things you should know about the Transportation Safety Board report on the 2015 crash landing of Air Canada Flight 624 at Halifax Stanfield International Airport: 1. Multiple factors were to blame, including approach procedures, poor v

  • 18.05.2017 21:32

    New research shows BC drivers are willing to cut back on essentials to help pay for the price at the pump, compared to other Canadians.

  • 18.05.2017 21:32

    SEATTLE – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in a Seattle hotel today to discuss their shared goals on trade, refugees and climate change. A group of protesters clad in hazardous material suits that read “Keyston

  • 18.05.2017 20:14

    HALIFAX – On March 28, 2015, an Airbus A320-211, operating as Air Canada Flight 624, flew from Toronto to Halifax with 133 passengers and five crew members. Here is how the Transportation Safety Board chronicles the flight’s progress — and its

  • 18.05.2017 20:14

    OTTAWA – The government’s new agency for financing major construction projects might take a pass on proposals that pose too great a risk for taxpayers when they’re asked to make a private sector idea a reality, the infrastructure ministe

  • 18.05.2017 19:38

    CBS Sports, Army and Navy have agreed to a 10-year contract that extends the network’s media rights for the military academies’ annual football rivalry game through 2028. The new agreement starts in 2019. CBS has been the broadcast home of Arm

  • 18.05.2017 18:20

    WASHINGTON – The next potential Canada-U.S. trade dispute is unfolding today in a Washington, D.C., courtroom. A U.S. aeronautics powerhouse is at a hearing arguing for duties on Bombardier aircraft. Boeing says its Canadian-based rival receives sub

  • 18.05.2017 17:02

    LONDON – Prime Minister Theresa May revealed her core election promises and political vision Thursday, saying she will slash immigration and take Britain definitively out of the EU, then build a “great meritocracy” by giving the poor a h

  • 18.05.2017 17:02

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump lashed out at the appointment of a special counsel to investigate allegations that his campaign collaborated with Russia to sway the 2016 election, tweeting Thursday that it is “the single greatest witch hun

  • 18.05.2017 16:26

    LONDON – Helen Fielding’s latest book about the misadventures of indomitable singleton Bridget Jones won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for comic fiction Thursday, gaining the writer rewards that include champagne and a pig. “Bri

  • 18.05.2017 15:14

    HALIFAX – The results of an investigation into the crash landing of an Air Canada jet that skidded along a Halifax runway and injured 25 people on board will be released today. The Transportation Safety Board will present the report this morning, mo

  • 18.05.2017 12:50

    OTTAWA – The foremost constitutional authority in Canada once argued that random breath testing — similar to what the Liberals proposed to crack down on impaired driving — would infringe Charter rights, but the benefit to public safety would be so s

  • 18.05.2017 11:32

    OTTAWA – Provinces have until the end of 2018 to introduce a price on carbon or Ottawa will impose its own model instead, a technical paper on the federal carbon-pricing scheme will say today. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna will make public

  • 18.05.2017 04:50

    SAN CRISTOBAL, Venezuela – Legions of national guardsmen and military helicopters began descending on a western Venezuela state Wednesday where an outbreak of looting and political violence left at least three people dead in as many days, raising th

  • 18.05.2017 01:50

    WASHINGTON – It’s striking how many congressional Republicans are concerned about President Donald Trump’s behaviour of late. It’s even more striking how many are not. Republican leaders in the House and Senate are pledging a thoro

  • 18.05.2017 01:14

    Highlights from the news file for Wednesday, May 17 ——— EMOTIONAL STATEMENTS FROM SCHOOL SHOOTING VICTIMS: An assistant principal shot at a school in northern Saskatchewan says the teenage gunman must be sentenced as an adult because he alone chose to pul

  • 18.05.2017 00:38

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – International air travellers might soon rediscover magazines, paperbacks and playing cards. Airline passengers have become hooked on their laptops and tablets to get work done or just kill time during long flights. But U.S. aviation

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