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  • 16.05.2017 07:56

    BEIJING, China – When the sister of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner promoted investment in her family’s new skyscraper from a Beijing hotel ballroom stage earlier this month, she was pitching a controversial American vi

  • 16.05.2017 00:44

    In Canadian cities, most people move around today the same way they did a decade ago. Which is to say, for the most part, personal cars still dominate, while walking, cycling, and transit represent more

  • 16.05.2017 00:14

    MONTREAL – Visitors to Montreal’s Olympic Park will be able to hop on a driverless automated bus next month to avoid the lengthy walk between tourism destinations at the home of the 1976 Summer Games. Vehicle manufacturer Transdev will be test

  • 16.05.2017 00:14

    Highlights from the news file for Monday, May 15 ——— INDEFINITE IMMIGRATION DETENTION UNDER FIRE: Canada’s immigration regime allows for indefinite and arbitrary detention and is therefore unconstitutional, Federal Court heard Monday. What’s n

  • 16.05.2017 00:14

    Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is expected to announce Tuesday that she will resign her seat in the House of Commons this summer.

  • 15.05.2017 21:48

    Carlo Pan admits that Freelife Solutions’ business model would not work without the mass digitization of commerce around the world and – more specifically – in China. But thanks to the booming e-commerce ecosystem in the world’s second-largest economy, Freelife – a tech-based business marketing firm based in Richmond – might soon be able to offer B.C. small and medium-sized producers of certain products ...

  • 15.05.2017 21:18

    OTTAWA — A panel advising the government on how to overhaul the National Energy Board says the regulator should be dismantled and replaced with two new agencies, all within a more coherent national energy policy. The five-member panel, appointed last fall, presented its report this morning to Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr. After months of public hearings and talking to stakeholders, the panel ...

  • 15.05.2017 19:44

    WARSAW, Poland – In most nations, having a billionaire financier and philanthropist would be a source of great pride, a person many elected officials would want to cozy up to. Not for George Soros. The demonization of the American-Hungarian billiona

  • 15.05.2017 19:02

    PARIS – Mending Europe’s frayed unity is such a high priority for new French President Emmanuel Macron that he’s visiting neighbouring Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel on his first day in office. That should give a welcome burst

  • 15.05.2017 17:02

    Draft and develop is the most common way to win in the salary-cap NHL, and with eight of the past 11 playoff MVPs being homegrown, that hasn’t changed. But the four teams left vying for the Stanley Cup this spring — the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottaw

  • 15.05.2017 17:02

    PHILADELPHIA – A beer vendor at Philadelphia Phillies games no longer sounds like Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Tom McGee tells KYW-TV ( ) that he has stopped yelling “Stella!” at the to

  • 15.05.2017 16:30

    Three adversaries become three amigos? In B.C. politics that’s highly unlikely, but with no decisive winner in the May 9 election, that’s what’s needed, especially for the business of running the province. The election campaign shed light on many areas of the economy that need improvement. There is little doubt, for instance, that people and goods movement, housing affordability and business productivity ...

  • 15.05.2017 16:26

    TOKYO – The worldwide “ransomware” cyberattack spread to thousands of more computers on Monday as people logged in at work, disrupting business, schools, hospitals and daily life, though no new large-scale breakdowns were reported. In Br

  • 15.05.2017 03:44

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – Derek Jeter’s No. 2 has been retired by the New York Yankees, who dedicated a plaque in his honour that will be placed in Monument Park behind centre field. Jeter captained the Yankees during much of a 20-year career that ende

  • 14.05.2017 21:26

    FORT WORTH, Texas – A 14-year-old physics major has become the youngest person ever to graduate from Texas Christian University. Carson Huey-You was among more than 2,000 students getting degrees Saturday at the Fort Worth school founded in 1873. He

  • 14.05.2017 20:50

    OTTAWA – Provinces have been protesting the large volume of work and heavy costs they say the Trudeau government has piled on them in its rush to legalize recreational cannabis across Canada by next year. So far, however, the small province of New B

  • 14.05.2017 19:38

    VIENNA – Ayhan Ogelge lives in Austria. But his heart is in his Turkish homeland and beats for its president, even as Europe’s democracies raise the alarm over the Turkish leader’s push toward one-man rule. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

  • 14.05.2017 17:52

    EDMONTON – A wildfire expert says a blizzard of blazing embers that were blown by the wind over fireguards and a river sparked the flames that destroyed homes in Fort McMurray last spring and then spread the destruction deeper into neighbourhoods. A

  • 14.05.2017 17:50

    TORONTO – A deadline is looming for Via Rail to change its policies and allow more than one person travelling in a wheelchair at a time on its trains, or prove that doing so would be far too difficult. The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled th

  • 14.05.2017 17:50

    CALGARY – The garish yellow storefronts promising quick and easy cash are starting to dwindle in Alberta as the payday loan industry says provincial regulations put in place last year have made its signature product unsustainable. The number of payd

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